Beth Humbel

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Beth is our dispatcher, so when you call or email in, she is usually the first person to look at your needs, and she does it as soon as possible – within a few minutes!  Beth enjoys working with customers and finding products or solutions which work best for their needs. To her, it is rewarding to have someone she has worked with be happy with the service they have received. She loves doing that at Keystone, because as a technology company, things are always changing and that keeps her interest. She said the energy level everybody brings at Keystone is great, and she enjoys the collaboration each team member brings to the table to solve complex issues. There is never a day where she does not learn something new, and have something to share with her friends and family.

In her role as dispatcher, Beth enjoys talking with our customers and being a part of a team which helps provide solutions. Beth is a strategic person and likes the challenges this position gives her.
When Beth is not taking care of clients at Keystone, she enjoys golfing, painting and riding bikes. And when not doing those, you can find her having dinner with my friends and family.

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