Technology Training

Keystone’s leadership has a long and proven track record of effective technology training.  Because we ourselves are executives leveraging technology for day-to-day business needs, we’re able to focus on the practical application of technology, transferring knowledge from the perspective of a business professional, rather than a tech wizard.

Brian Fontanella Talks Active Directory with a Dozen Trainees

Keystone was founded as a training company, and has trained the IT departments of some of the largest companies in Cleveland, as well as across the nation. We were even selected by Microsoft to be part of a 17 member team to train Microsoft employees on the technical aspects of Active Directory!

We love to share what we have learned, and include it as an option in all of our Continuous Client Coverage plans.  We view training as being part of a relationship, one in which we learn from your organization, and you learn from our experience across our many clients.  By providing training within this relationship, your employees learn in their environment, where it is relevant and can be reinforced by regular, repeated activities.  The value of this training is much higher, and interesting, than classroom scenarios.

Training has many benefits, such as:

  • Reduced help desk calls when end users can adequately use the software provided
  • Increased capability of the IT staff to support the systems internally
  • Ability to understand aspects of new technology and its impact
  • Increased productivity of the enterprise with less issues

Watch how Keystone helps ABB by training at ABB University.