Managed Services: Continuous Coverage


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Continuous Client Coverage is a set of services that give you maximum reliability and flexibility.  You get and pay for the exact coverage needed, allowing you to focus on your business.

Greg Cordray and Brian Fontanella at Keystone Level 3

  • Managing – Completely outsourced IT. Geared toward clients that have little in-house IT capabilities, yet rely on systems for key operations, Keystone provides unlimited support for one fixed cost.
  • Ensuring – We provide a combination of monitoring and preventative maintenance services to make your systems more reliable. The goal is to ensure issues are understood and addressed before they impact your operation.
  • Watching  – Keystone can monitor your systems, prevent downtime or fix issues quickly, and provide regular backup services


Why would Continuous Client Coverage plans be advisable?

Dan Ragan takes a tech support call while following along the client's desktop remotely

These plans allow you to focus on the products and services you provide, instead of the computers that are production tools.  By partnering with Keystone, you can maximize your resources on the factors that set you apart from your competition.  Instead of being distracted by issues like network security, email problems, and backups, you can meet with customers, develop new products and services, review finances, and manage personnel.  These are the activities that make you successful.

Technology problems are expected but unpredictable; they are going to happen but the time and severity is unknown.  Our plans are flat fee, so we perform all necessary tasks to ensure optimum uptime and increased performance.  This results in superior operations and a predictable, manageable cost structure.  Using Keystone as your competitive advantage, you can confidently engage in the activities that will make the most impact in your organization.

How do I get started with Continuous Client Coverage?

You may not be aware of the underlying issues that are creating the problems you see on the surface.  We offer a complimentary Tech Checkup that jointly provides us with the information needed to get your IT operations in line with your goals.

Based on the results of the tech checkup, we will design a plan that meets your needs from a technology, budgetary, and service level perspective.  You can rest assured that you have the right solution for your organization.

Continuous Client Coverage – for you, with you, all the time.