Cloud Services

Remember when it was called the Internet?

When it comes right down to it – that is all “the cloud” is – the Internet.  It was named that way in part because network diagrams showed data connections between two locations going through a “cloud.”  Eventually, somebody decided that instead of having “half here and half there, why not just move it all there and I can access from wherever I am?”  Pretty good idea – saves money, increases  flexibility, makes it more available and reduces some types of risk.

When we talk to people about the cloud, they have three questions:

  1. Is my business appropriate for “the cloud?”
  2. What should we be using “the cloud” for?
  3. How do I get there?

Keystone’s cloud services tie in directly with our managed services. Our managed services are intended to let you tap into our expertise applied at your location.  When we jointly decide to move the servers and applications to the cloud, we provide that and reconnect everything for you so it all works.  This is not as mystical as it sounds – you can operate Microsoft Word on the Internet, just like you do with Facebook.

Keystone’s cloud services include:

  • Hosting your entire infrastructure (cloud office)
  • Backup and recovery (disk based backup)
  • Managed firewall
  • Cloud monitoring