Our Strengths

KTC's partners explore new technologies at a 2011 Los Angeles technology conference.

Technology. It’s everywhere and taking off at what they call ‘Internet speed,’ making it a real challenge to keep up.  If you wait, your competition get the benefits of being ahead of you. But if you adopt too soon you can be stuck with a technology solution that is actually counter-productive. It’s like paddling around on a surf board, looking for the next wave to catch.  If you pick the wrong one you might only get a little ride, if you don’t watch, a huge wave could smack you unexpectedly leaving you scrambling to react.

We love to watch the waves of technology, they start about five years out from the shore and come rolling in, some fizzle out and provide nothing, some develop into the ‘perfect wave’ that everyone wants (and needs) to ride.

For more than 15 years, local businesses have trusted us to be their technology lookout, advising which way to go, how to leverage applied technology, and how to be ready for the future.  We can give you peace of mind and ease about your current technology and prepare you for what will make a difference in your company.

Greg tries to get 'wise' at Microsoft's partner conference.

We are constantly updating and implementing our ‘ gold platform’ – a technology solution which is the best of all breeds. Where, all the current required systems work the way they were intended without the issues you didn’t intend or want.  For example in 2011 it’s where remote access operates like with the same functions while you are at home, no different than if you were sitting at the office, your cell phone gets email and you can accept calendar invites.  In 2007 it was email with no spam and no viruses, what arrives in your inbox is just what you expect with no wasted time deleting.

Technology will always be changing and we will always be ready now for what you expect from your systems, fast, reliable and secure, with the functionality that makes a difference with what your business is up to.  And we love to make that difference for you.

Greg Cordray
Founding Partner
Keystone Technology Consultants