KTC Process

Keystone Technology Consultants has developed processes so that we can reliably deliver on our promises.  A few of these cover sales and client management, new customer projects, and support tickets.  What they all have in common is they allow us to integrate ourselves to be more effective in your organization.

For example, the new client project process provides a repeatable methodology to get a new customer on our technology platform quickly so they can take advantage of the savings and new capabilities.

In this process, we integrate several functions so we can work with you on several fronts.  We have defined tasks for the client, account manager, project manager, technical engineering team, and financial specialists.   Each process is phased; the above example has:

  • Pre-customer phase – Planning starts right away.
  • Project Scoping and Planning – Designing the correct solution for your organization.
  • Project Parts Assembly – Purchasing required items at aggressive prices to save you money.
  • Project Build – Assembling the parts into the final solution and testing them.
  • Project Go live – Migrating your data and applications, and converting users to the new platform.  The whole team is available to you and we begin getting the support group ready.
  • Post Project – Reviewing actions and seeking better ways, and ensuring user support and technology alignment going forward.

Each process has goals and measures, and is designed to make sure you have a positive experience with our services now and in the future.