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Information Security: Essential To Your Organization

Information security is essential to your organization.  You store data in spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, an ERP or CRM database, and human resources and payroll systems.  This data represents your […]

The Right Phone – What To Consider

 Special Guest column by Rick Wuebker, Rick is one of Keystone’s support team engineers helping clients use technology. He has a long history in the mobile phone business. Buying a […]

Things I do not need because I have a Smartphone

Many of you may know we have awesome engineering days once a month at Keystone: talk some company business, some technology, lunch, and games or something else fun.  We were […]

Beacons – The Future is Here

Many years ago when I started using text messaging, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could get a text message when I walked into a store […]

The internet of things is tied to You

A phrase now commonly used is the “internet of things”: cell phones, thermostats, health meters, freezers, cars and other common devices that surround us connected to the internet.  Many people […]

Office 365 is a great deal for most – including you!

Keystone works with various business sizes and offers Office365 for email and Microsoft Office applications.  It is solid platform at a great price! Contact us and let us know how […]

Social Media, the Arab Spring, and Your Enterprise

Leadership in corporations are now experiencing something similar to leaders of the middle-eastern countries that have been part of the “Arab Spring”: social media allows the people they oversee to […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet: Second Impressions

While I focused on the hardware in part 1, today we’ll focus on the software, Windows 8. I have taken a little more time for the software review because I wanted to a) get used to it and b) give Microsoft a chance to update some glitches, which in some cases they have.

Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2012

Happy Cyber Monday!  As Black Friday bleeds into Cyber Monday… and what is becoming Cyber Week, we want to make sure we give you our gift ideas for the techie […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet: My First Impressions

I have been working with the new Microsoft Windows 8 “RT” Surface Tablet since The day it was delivered (October 26th) and it has been an interesting experience for many […]