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VCIO – The Way to Better IT

The Problem of CIOs in Small-Medium Organizations Organizations are designed with responsibilities and personnel capable to carry them out.  These are then placed in a hierarchical structure we see reflected […]

Buying a Laptop

Buying a laptop is a task you will probably do often in your life. You may need one for work and must operate within some corporate requirements for manufacturer or […]

Disaster Recovery Planning

Waiting for a disaster to occur that affects your information technology systems is not the time to start planning your response.  Your disaster recovery planning needs to be done well […]

Have You Outgrown Your IT?

You may be outgrowing your information technology capabilities, but how can you know, why is it happening, and what is the best response? How do you know you are outgrowing […]

Information Security in Manufacturing

  Information Security in Manufacturing is a key objective to maintain the health of your business.  The threat of loss of intellectual property or operational information is high because the […]

Skype for Business – Can it help my Organization?

Microsoft’s Skype for Business is a powerful collaboration tool, and provides many benefits for small to medium sized business (or even large organizations).  In this presentation, we show you what […]

Office 365 Capabilities for Small Business

Microsoft Office 365 provides many important capabilities to small businesses. Keystone has successfully implemented this for most of our clients and now has thousands of users who have email, online […]

Bimodal IT – Maintain the Now and Plan for the Future

Bimodal IT is a new methodology being adopted by some organizations so that they can have a division of focus and effort between taking care of the current or legacy […]

Technology Frontiers – IoT and Voice Recognition

We previously wrote about some of the technology frontiers we are exploring, and described three that are exciting: 3D Printing Clustered Computing Latest Applications, Operating Systems, and Devices But much […]

Technology Frontiers

The word frontier can be defined as “areas near or beyond a boundary”, and when we think of those who are “frontiersman”, we may think of ancient explorers, or the […]