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Microsoft Surface Tablet: Second Impressions

While I focused on the hardware in part 1, today we’ll focus on the software, Windows 8. I have taken a little more time for the software review because I wanted to a) get used to it and b) give Microsoft a chance to update some glitches, which in some cases they have.

Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2012

Happy Cyber Monday!  As Black Friday bleeds into Cyber Monday… and what is becoming Cyber Week, we want to make sure we give you our gift ideas for the techie […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet: My First Impressions

I have been working with the new Microsoft Windows 8 “RT” Surface Tablet since The day it was delivered (October 26th) and it has been an interesting experience for many […]

Don’t Let “Good Enough” Technology Turn Into the Great Time Waster

What are perceived to be the biggest time wasters in the workplace? You may be surprised.

Big Hats and Big Success in Houston

Recently, Keystone’s Greg Cordray and myself were asked to attend ABB’s Automation & Power World. Keystone has been supporting ABB University for many years with technology training.

Google Says Content, Not Tricks Is the Key to Optimization

Last week Google announced a long overdue change in its search algorithm, designed to penalize “over-optimization.” What does over-optimization mean? Well, as a firm that avoid the use of tricks, […]

What We’ve Learned so Far about “The Cloud.”

5 Lessons learned from Cloud Computing
All sizes of businesses by moving applications and data off of their on-premise servers to online systems… in the cloud.

wwwhat happened… wwwhere is my website?

About 15 of the 50 sites I was looking up did NOT work without the www – does yours?

The Security Implications of 3D Printing

3D printing is a growing manufacturing area that will attract pirates who can obtain your design source files, and easily run them locally to generate an identical product to the one you produce.

Megaupload and What it Says About the Future of Cloud Data Storage

Can other file sharing and social-media websites be shut down just as easily? What are the implications the shutdown of Megaupload will have for users of similar services who use these services for legitimate (and legal) purposes?