About Us

Keystone's Headquarters at 787 Wye in Akron.

Named ‘Keystone’ after the stone within an arch that holds the structure together, we’re founded on the principle that it’s our job to serve as the glue that holds critical business processes and support mechanisms in place, securing reliable, effective results.

Keystone has been serving Northeast Ohio for more than 15 years. Our charter is to provide solutions that drive effectiveness, create efficiencies, and drive revenue growth opportunities for our clients – small to medium sized businesses.

Keystone is unique in that we pride ourselves on employing a holistic approach to problem solving; leveraging both left and right brain disciplines that deliver solutions that are both creative and effective. It is because of this that we are big believers in uncovering our employees’ strengths, helping them overcome their weaknesses, and placing them in a role where they are most likely to deliver value to our clients.